Pocket Skirt

Starting to think about the warmer weather.

I’ve been busy making quilt blocks recently, but had a real urge to do some dressmaking last week. The few fabrics I have in my stash are very much for warmer weather and have been earmarked for some spring/summer sewing, so I had to think about what I could make that I might be able to get some wear out of now. I landed on one of my ‘make nine’ projects – the Pocket Skirt by Peppermint Magazine.

Chambray but make it winter.

I loved this pattern as soon as it was released last summer and I have seen lots and lots of fantastic versions pop up on Instagram – the green linen sample version is just gorgeous! The enormous pockets are awesome and who doesn’t love a relaxed fit and elasticated waistband these days?! The skirt was designed in collaboration with Paper Theory Patterns and is a free download on the Peppermint Magazine website, although they ask for a small donation in return to support their work.

The deepest pockets.

The fabric I have used is a really soft Moda cotton chambray that I spied at work last year and the 2 metres I bought was just enough to make the skirt (it’s 112cm wide). I really love this colour blue and wanted to use it to make a shirt but it washes me out if I wear it near my face, so turning it into a skirt was a much better idea. I think this will be something I reach for a lot in my wardrobe – it’s easy to wear, comfortable and will look great with all of my Bretons and clogs! I had fun styling it for colder weather this weekend and I think it works just as well with tights, boots and a little jumper as it will with sandals and a vest in the summer.

I’m pleased with the pocket placement.

I opted for the size 10 because this was the smallest size I could make which would still enable me to get the skirt on over my bottom! I just made sure I used a shorter length of elastic to get a nice fit at the waist. As the pattern suggested I checked the pocket placement carefully as the skirt is drafted for someone 5′ 7″ tall and I am a good 3″ shorter, but it looked fine and I am happy that I didn’t raise it. The only adjustment I made was to remove 2.5″ from the length and slightly increase the hem depth to 1.5″ – clearly I am just missing those 3″ in height from my short legs!

Additional stitching through the waistband.

I followed the pattern exactly and even working at a pretty leisurely pace I still managed to finish the skirt in about 3 hours (not including cutting out, which I had done the previous evening.) The only change I made was to add some stitching through the waistband. I tried securing the elastic by stitching in the ditch at each of the four waistband seams, but I still felt the gathers looked uneven and the elastic was twisting in the casing when I took the skirt on and off. I found this step quite intimidating when I first tried it while making a Sew Liberated Estuary skirt, but it worked really well and I practiced again when I made a Helen’s Closet Donovan skirt with good results. Although it gives a more ‘sporty’ vibe to the garment, I much prefer how it secures the elastic and creates smaller, more even gathers.

Making this skirt definitely scratched my sewing itch!

I really enjoyed making the skirt and it certainly gave me that ‘hit’ of dressmaking I was after! I’m going to carry on making quilt blocks this week and I have some fabric on the way to make another Marlo sweater – this time for my mum, which I am looking forward to!

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