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Cocowawa Plum Dress

I’ve had my eye on the Cocowawa Plum dress for some time. The simple, relaxed shape and versatility really appealed to me and I loved the buttton-up back detail on the bodice.

Ivy Pinafore

I bought this beautiful lightweight wool from Fabworks Mill Shop in Dewsbury when I visited Patsy in February half-term. Originally I had planned to make a Maven Patterns Kitty dress with it, but after pre-washing I realised that it was too scratchy to wear against my skin.

Heyday Dungarees

Without the need for a ‘professional wardrobe’ now I am no longer working as a primary school teacher, I have been turning my attention to more casual makes. My go-to outfit for pottering about at home is without doubt a pair of dungarees and a Breton.

I Am Irma

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