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Would you like to learn to sew, but have no idea where to start? Do you know your way around a sewing machine, but need help with a specific skill or project? Then I would love to help! I am able to offer one-to-one tuition in both quilting and dressmaking, either in the comfort of your own home or in my well-appointed home studio.

At Mint Button all learning is personalised, so we can arrange tuition that will be just right for you. Prior to your session we will plan what you would like to learn or achieve and the project you would like to work on.


Never used a sewing machine before? No problem! I can guide you through the basics, from how to set up and thread your machine to the different stitches you will need in preparation to cut and sew a simple project, such as a cushion.


Have you had a long break from sewing? Let’s get back into it! I can help you to get to know your machine again and refresh your skills as you tackle a simple project, such as a tote bag.


Is there a skill or technique you just can’t face alone? Let me help you! If you’re a confident beginner or more experienced seamstress, but you need a hand getting to grips with something, we can work on it together. Whether it’s quilting curves or Y-seams, inserting invisible zips or sewing with stretch fabrics, we can plan a project or work on something you have already started and overcome those obstacles.


Are you an experienced quilter, but want to start using your skills to build a handmade wardrobe? Are you a proficient dressmaker, but want to try your hand at quilting? Excellent! I can teach you the basics of quilting or dressmaking and we can plan a project to transfer your skills, such as a simple lap quilt or a pair of pyjama bottoms.


Do you have a child that is interested in learning to sew? Fantastic! I can adapt quilting or dressmaking lessons to be suitable for children over 8 years old. These lessons must take place in your own home and an adult must be nearby throughout the duration of the session.


One to one tuition is £25 per hour.

If you would like to learn to sew with a friend, tuition is £20 per hour, per person.

All adult sessions are a minimum of 2 hours.

Children’s sessions are a minimum of 1 hour.

Once we have planned your learning an invoice will be e-mailed to you, which will need to be paid in full prior to your scheduled session.

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