Marlo Sweater

Pefect for snowy weather!

As soon as I saw True Bias release the Marlo Sweater in January it jumped straight to the top of my sewing list! I wear my Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigans frequently and had been thinking about making another, so I knew a Marlo would be a very welcome addition to my wardrobe.

The cosiest fabric.

If you have followed me on Instagram for a while you will know that I get ‘stash stress’ if I start to accumulate lots of dressmaking fabric. My stash currently only contains 7 cuts, which is wonderful for my stress levels, but not so great if I want to make something on the spur of the moment. Fortunately, when spending my Christmas voucher at Guthrie and Ghani I made the very wise decision to buy some of this peach knitted cotton jersey fabric. I didn’t have a specific project in mind for it, but imagined making it into something like the Toaster sweater or a Linden sweatshirt.

Excellent pockets!

The website listing states that the fabric stretch percentage is only 10%, but when I tested this at home I felt it was more like 20%, which is necessary for the neckband on the sweater. The medium weight and slightly ribbed texture were perfect for the Marlo, so I was all set to print that baby out and get sewing… until I looked at the fabric requirements! I wanted to make the longer version, which needed 2m of 54″ fabric and I only had 1.5m – but fear not… I rolled up my sleeves, played the most epic game of pattern tetris of my life and managed to fit everything on – YES!

The Marlo really is like wearing a hug.

I decided to make the size 2 as this was best suited to my bust and waist measurements. I double checked that the 41″ hem band would fit comfortably around my 38″ bottom by wiggling about within a 41″ loop of my tape measure – I figured it would be fine, especially in a stretch fabric. I think the fit is great overal, but I would grade to a size 4 from the waist down next time for an extra inch to go around all that junk in my trunk.

I promise the pockets and band line up in real life – I don’t know why they look so wonky here!

I really wanted some wooden buttons for my jumper, but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted anywhere online and didn’t want to spend any of my sewing budget if I didn’t need to. I had a little look in my grandma’s button tin and found these faux tortoise shell beauties. I think they’re a good size match and look really pleasing against the peach fabric – thanks, Agnes!

Ok I know snow boots ae probably a bit unnecessary, but I rarely get to wear them!

The Marlo was a fairly quick project and although I was apprehensive about working with a thick fabric, it was actually an easy sew. My overlocker only really struggled with the neckband, which resulted in areas of skipped stitches, particularly when crossing the shoulder seams. Next time I would follow the set of instructions to sew the neckband like a button placket if I was using a thick fabric again. I was dreading sewing the button holes but I should have given my machine more credit – he coped admirably and did a really good job!

I do love a dropped shoulder.

I am really pleased with my Marlo and will definitely be keeping an eye out for some more sweatshirting and knit fabrics that I could use to make another. I fancy trying the cropped version next in a neutral colour and this cable jersey from Higgs and Higgs would be perfect!

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  1. Looks lovely! I’ve got some quite heavy black rib sweater knit to make the Marlo and am looking forward to giving it a go now. (I prefer your colour though!)

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