Zadie Jumpsuit

Looking pretty pleased with my new jumpsuit!

The Zadie Jumpsuit pattern was released by Paper Theory in March 2019 and has been a favourite in the sewing community ever since. When I was planning my #MakeNine2022 I had a little browse through the Fold Line’s ‘Top 10 Indie Sewing Patterns of 2021’ – I had already made 6 of the designs (Ogden, Heyday, Sagebrush, Marlo, Kielo and Wilder) but the Zadie was a pattern I hadn’t tried, so I added it to my list.

The linen has a lovely subtle texture.

With over 11k posts on the #ZadieJumpsuit hashtag there was plenty of inspiration to be found when thinking about what fabric I would use for my version, but instead of buying something I opted to use a fabric I already had in my stash. I bought this bolt-end of medium weight linen from Sew By the Sea in Margate just before it closed last year and I thought it would work perfectly for the Zadie. As you probably know I don’t really do toiles, but as the fabric was heavily discounted I wasn’t worried about getting the perfect fit and could view this project as a wearable toile.

I’m very satisfied with the fit overall, but read on to discuss that bottom bunching…

Guess what? I didn’t have enough fabric! That has never stopped me before, but I knew that cutting out would be an even bigger challenge than usual because Paper Theory are know for their single-layer, economic cutting lay-outs and very accurate fabric requirements. I needed 2.3m of 150cm wide fabric and had 2.3m of 140cm wide fabric. This doesn’t seem like a lot less, but it made a big difference. I did a lot of jiggling to make everything fit and it took me ages, but I managed – phew!

The wrap feels really secure.

My body measurements best suited the size 10 according to the chart, but after reading the fitting notes in the pattern and several reviews I decided to size down and make the size 8. The only adjustment I made was to shorten the legs by 2″ as I am only 5’4″ and the pattern is drafted for someone who is 5’7″. I am really pleased with the fit – the wrap feels nice and secure and the bodice isn’t too oversized, there is plenty of room for my bottom and I love the width in the leg.

Let’s talk about bottom bunching!

I’m sure there will be fitting aficionados out there that would suggest there is bunching just above my bottom which could be taken out by adjusting the rise or something, but there are two important things to consider here: 1. I do not care and 2. I would imagine this excess fabric is needed to be able to sit down without getting a wedgie and I’d rather not remove it and find that out the hard way!

Shortening by 2″ at the hem gave a length I was happy with.

I really enjoyed sewing my jumpsuit last week in the evenings and I had a couple of extra hours of sewing time on Good Friday to get it finished. The instructions are fantastic and even though it looks complicated, the construction is actually very straightforward and well-explained. I particularly like the attention to seam finishing throughout the sewing process, which leaves you with a very neat and tidy garment – my favourite!

It’s popular for a reason!

Well I’m very pleased I finally jumped on the Zadie Jumpsuit bandwagon – I absolutely love the finished garment and I would imagine it is something I will wear a lot when it is warmer. I really felt like I was one of the last members of the sewing community to give the pattern a try but a quick poll on Instagram revealed that 74% of my followers are yet to make one, which really surprised me! Have you made a Zadie? Let me know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Zadie Jumpsuit

  1. Oh this looks fab. Well done. I think mine is in a very similar fabric, I’ll have to get my summer box out and see if the fit is as poor as I remember !

  2. Yes, I’ve made a wearable toile and sized down for a playsuit 😘 I did take an inch off the rise and like the fit.

  3. Your Zadie is gorgeous. I’ve just finished my first one and love it. I sized down, made a toile (which Ive never bithered with before) decided not to make any adjustments as I rhink I’d mess up. I made mine in Sevenberry indigo cotton basketweave print – similar to a mid-weight linen. The jumpsuit is gorgeous and so comfortable, and the pockets are fantastic. Easy to make (I’m a very lazy sewer). I used my hand cranked 1903 Singer machine for it as I find my electric machine a faff to get out, plug in 🙄. I have some dark red plain linen in my stash so may make another. I love your clogs with your Zadie – wish I could wear them but my feet can’t cope with the wooden soles.

  4. Oh yes! I love it. In fact, my Zadie is made of blue linen and looks so much like yours. I’m ready to wear it again, but it’s still too chilly here in North Carolina. It’s 44 degrees right now….in April!

  5. This looks really lovely! Congratulations! I love the way yours is lying flat under the belt. I have made a Zadie too but found the trousers absolutely huge, including the crotch which is half way to my knees though the top half is a perfect fit! I am a bit intimidated about trying again though reading your blog is making me wonder whether I should have another go.

    1. Thank you, Natalie! It’s a shame you weren’t happy with the fit on your Zadie, but if the top is perfect at least you only need to make one set of adjustments! There are LOADS of great blog posts and tutorials with helpful fitting advice for the Zadie – hopefully they can give you the confidence to have another try.

      1. Hello there Mel! Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement following my earlier comment. I followed up your suggestion of looking at blogs about fitting the (I haven’t done that before, have tended just to use Instagram), adjusted my pattern and am now sitting next to the lido in Cambridge wearing a well fitted Zadie in rust linen. I’ve even got some tips on what I could try to improve the fit of my (hopefully soon to be) wearable toile. Your blog posts are really helpful and inspiring THANK YOU!

      2. Hello again Natalie – I’m so happy to hear you managed to make a well-fitting Zadie in the end! So many people share useful tips, experiences and suggestions in the sewing community and I have always found people to be generous with their time and knowledge – it’s an amazing resource! I try to do my bit by sharing blog posts and I’m so pleased you have found them useful.

  6. I made one just a few weeks ago, from a flowery viscose I have add my first one, since I will definitely make another one. I like your version, especially because it gives the opportunity to wear all sort of (different coloured) shoes (❤️💜 shoes). Great idea, I might use the chambray that is in my stash
    💛 your sandals btw!

  7. Hi, I haven’t got the pattern yet! But would like to try this, can I ask how is it for getting on and off. It’s the one thing that always puts me off attempting jumpsuits. Thank you Ann

    1. Hi Ann! The Zadie jumpsuit is super easy to get on and off – just undo the ties, loosen the wrap and there’s plenty of room to slip in and out. I hope that helps!

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