Frida blouse

This print makes me feel so sassy!

I was delighted when Eva and Petra from Atelier Jupe reached out and invited me to collaborate with them again and sew a garment from their latest collection. Earlier this year I made the infamous M7969 with one of their stunning fabrics and I was excited to see their 11 new printed viscoses and 3 new patterns!

I love the combination of colours.

Now I am usually an extremely decisive person, but I cannot tell you how difficult it was to pick just one of the gorgeous fabrics. There were three that I completely fell in love with (green leaves and soft pink flowers, blue and soft pink flowers and graphic print) and in the end I had to let the ladies at Atelier Jupe choose for me! The graphic print viscose is stunning – a warm, sandy background with an abstract, almost animal print design in black and a peachy-orange. Deciding which garment to make was a challenge too – I opted for the Frida blouse, but the Tilde shirt dress was a close second.

A pretty pleat.

The Frida blouse features an inverted pleat at the back, a gathered section across the bust, a front button placket, an elegant collar and three-quarter sleeves with a small inverted pleat. I love how these subtle details elevate a simple blouse into something effortlessly elegant – such a useful style to have in your wardrobe! I made my blouse in the size 8 – this is the size I made for my Zoey blouse (another Atelier Jupe pattern) and it fits me really well.

The burrito method gives a nice clean finish inside the blouse.

When I made my Zoey blouse I was surprised that even though I had a paper copy of the pattern, I still had to trace everything and add my own seam allowances. This time I was sent the PDF pattern and I was pleased to see that seam allowances were included. However, what I did NOT notice was that there are two sets of printed lines – a standard set of lines that don’t include seam allowances and a bold set of lines that do. Luckily I noticed this as I cut the first of the pattern pieces (wrong, of course) and made sure I followed the correct lines for the rest of them!

These buttons from my collection were the perfect colour.

Construction was a breeze and my blouse came together really easily over the course of a few sewing sessions this week. You can tell the pattern has been well-drafted and tested – notches matched up accurately, pieces fit together beautifully and the process was straightforward, just as it should be. The only slight issue I had was my own fault – the interfacing I used was a little heavy for my fabric and it has made the placket a bit too stiff. You can’t tell from looking at the blouse, but I can feel it in the way the blouse moves and drapes while I’m wearing it. A lighter weight interfacing would have been better suited to the fabric, or if I had just interfaced half of the placket it wouldn’t be so stiff – something for me to bear in mind when working with viscose in the future.

I love the simple silhouette of the blouse.

I really love the design of the Frida, but I definitely think the fabric is the star of this particular show. It’s such a cool print and I adore the colours – it’s very different to anything else in my wardrobe and I can’t get enough of it! I will of course be looking out for the other fabric designs from the new collection that I fell in love with and maybe adding them to my stash too, because we all know that nothing haunts you like the fabric you didn’t buy!

Bonus cat content! Mog was very keen to get involved in photographing my blouse.

Thanks again to Eva and Petra at Atelier Jupe for inviting me to collaborate with them and providing me with a PDF copy of the Frida blouse pattern and a fabric from their new collection to sew with.

3 thoughts on “Frida blouse

  1. Hi Mel,
    The blouse looks so pretty.
    I have the pattern but I am not sure whether it will be too big for me. My bust measurement is 81 cm. The smallest size is 84cm. I hope you don’t mind me asking. You look to be the same size as me, but you said you made a size 8 UK.
    Look forward to your thoughts,

    1. Hi Kim! I would think you will be fine making the size 6. Maybe use some cheaper fabric as a ‘wearable toile’ to check that you like the fit? Good luck with your blouse! Mel 😊

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